Max & Jennifer Kennedy

Baptist Bible Fellowship International Missionaries to Nicaragua

Church Buys a coffee Plantation

To show their dedication to the community of La Esmeralda, Pastor Max led his church to purchase a small coffee plantation in their community! It still produces wonderful coffee and all the money from the sell of their coffee goes directly to the church in La Esmeralda for ministry! Max is now the only North American member of the La Esmeralda Coffee Farmer's Cooperative!

The Church in la Esmeralda

The People of Park Lake helped to build this awesome facility for the church in La Esmeralda! The Kennedy's led several teams throughout the summer to break ground, build the structure, and put the roof on!

La Esmeralda, 


This photo is of a missions house that has recently been renovated for groups to stay in while they visit the ministry in La Esmeralda. 

What started it all?

A missions Trip... of course!

In 2005, Max & Jennifer Kennedy led a survey team from their church (Park Lake Baptist) to the cloud forest jungle in Northern Nicaragua. While there, they met Hugo Davila, coffee grower and new Christian. At the time, there was a small group of people meeting who had the desire to become a church. With the help of the Kennedy's, Park Lake Baptist Church, Missionary Brian Weed and the people of La Esmeralda they built a church building for the new church plant to worship in. 

Pastor Max Kennedy continued to lead several teams from his church to build, assist in training, and fund the growth of this new church "Sanatuario Famila Bautista, La Esmeralda".

Through their efforts and the help of many other churches and individuals, the ministry in La Esmeralda now consists of a church, a medical clinic, a feeding center and a thriving sports ministry!

The People of Park Lake under Pastor Max's leadership have adopted the community of La Esmeralda, and stand as an example of how much impact a church in the United States can have to plant churches, and grow God's Kingdom in Nicaragua. 


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