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We are all about a "hands-on" approach to missions. We have taken over 600 people on Missions trips to Nicaragua. Now, as missionaries living in Nicaragua, we would love to host your group on a Mission Trip to help grow God's Kingdom.

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Max & Jennifer Kennedy

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Our mission is to plant churches that plant churches. We're excited for God to use our experience as pastor to teach new national pastors how to manage, love, and grow the new church plant. At the same time, we'd love to show you how your church can get involved in the entire process with a hands-on approach.


Giving your church direct access to church planting in Nicaragua!

Right now our most urgent need is to buy land for the future Epicenter and Estelí Church. We have raised the funds to purchase the property and now we need to raise more funds to build the first building which will serve as a Multi- Purpose Center for all the churches in Northern Nicaragua. 

Baptist Bible Fellowship International Missionaries to Nicaragua

Reaching Nicaraguans  by Planting 20 churches in northern Nicaragua

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Wade & Shannon Cooperrider

  • Feeding Centers in each church giving nourishment to hundreds of children weekly.
  • The first Mobile Feeding Center (Food Truck) ready to be mobilized in Northern Nicaragua.
  • Free Medical Clinic / Hospital in La Esmeralda serving thousands annually.
  • The Avance Academy in Jalapa, Nicaragua.

Max & Jennifer answered God's call to be missionaries in Nicaragua in 2014. God is using them now in Estelí, Nicaragua. They planted a church there in January 2019. It is growing and now the people in that church plant are helping plant a second church outside of Estelí in a community called Villa Sandino. Max & Jennifer Kennedy are BBFI Missionaries whose primary goal is to plant 20 churches in Northern Nicaragua in the coming years. 

  • Asociacion Avance Nicaragua 
  • 16 Churches and Missions planted around Nicaragua!
  • Our Avance Sports Program is the nation's largest youth sports program!
  • A Seminary in Managua to train future Church Leaders.
  • A Bible Institute in Estelí to train future Church Leaders.