• 8 Feeding Centers giving nourishment to hundreds of children weekly.
  • Free Medical Clinic / Hospital in La Esmeralda serving thousands annually.
  • NICAconnect - giving your church direct access to church planting in Nicaragua!

Max & Jennifer Kennedy

‚Äč23 year veteran Pastor, now Missionaries. Church planters with Familia Avance Nicaragua. Our goal is to plant new churches with national pastors.

What God Has Accomplished so Far...

  • Asociacion Avance Nicaragua 
  • 8 Churches planted so far. More on the horizon. Will your church adopt a new church plant?
  • 4 Supported Sport Centers. 1 Sports Center needing support.

Brian & Rachel Weed

11 year veteran missionaries to Nicaragua. Started "Avance" Nicaragua which now includes 8 church plants, 4 sports ministries, multiple feeding centers, a hospital & Rancho Nicaragua.

Meet Our Team

Our mission is to plant churches that plant churches. We're excited for God to use our experience as pastor to teach new national pastors how to manage, love, and grow the new church plant. At the same time, we'd love to show you how your church can get involved in the entire process with a hands-on approach.

Our greatest need right now is monthly financial support. Please consider partnering with us. Remember, when you give regularly to support the Kennedy's, you are also providing funds for new church plants and projects. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Urgent NEEDs

Join Us

For the past 18 years, I have been the Lead Pastor of Park Lake Baptist Church. God has blessed my wife and I with a very fruitful ministry there. 

Now, God has called my wife and I to leave the church we love to become Career BBFI Missionaries to Nicaragua.

Missions has always been a passion of ours. Jennifer and I  have led over 200 people on Mission Trips all over the world in the past 10 years. 

God has used our experience to prepare us for this new chapter in our lives. Please consider having us  come to your church to present our amazing church planting strategy that is truly next generation friendly! Once churches get a glimpse of the impact they can make, they are no longer content to just give... they will have a new passion to "GO"! 


Help Us...


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Baptist Bible Fellowship International Missionaries to Nicaragua

Max & Jennifer Kennedy

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We are all about a "hands-on" approach to missions. We have taken over 200 people on Missions trips all over the world. Now, as missionaries to Nicaragua, we would love to host your group on a Mission Trip to help grow God's Kingdom.

Our Mission

Our Story

Donna Woodson

11 year veteran BBFI missionary to Nicaragua. Administrator of NGO Asociacion "Avance" 


Meet Max & Jennifer

Missionaries to Nicaragua